IQ Moderate Forex Trading


In IQ Moderate Forex trading, it is attempting to minimize the risk by trading two pairs with the moderate draw down. Moderate investors tend to make lower profits, but get more stability in the portfolio. They are somewhat protected against the volatility of the FOREX market.

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  • Trades on its own – 100%, no human supervision needed -ever!
  • Trades on two pair currency such as: EUR/USD, and GBP/USD.
  • Sets protective stop loss levels as well as profit target automatically.
  • Dynamic fuzzy logic controller strategy use for trading based on market behavior.
  • Plug and Trade: Just download and you are ready to go! Easy, newbie-proof, 5 minutes, completely automated, really simple installation!
  • The Moderate Strategy: The robot becomes very active when markets show high volatility normally during the London session. The robot does not trade when there is choppy and locked in a narrow range between the closing of the European trading session and the beginning of the Asian session.
  • Money Management: The Money Management function controls the size of your orders automatically. The lot's size of your trades is calculated from risk settings as a percentage of the available balance in your trading account. As your account grows, so do the size of your trades, automatically.
  • Take Profit orders are calculated dynamically and sent to the broker in real time, to maximize potential profit in different market conditions.
  • Stop Loss orders are automatically placed to protect every trade. They are sent to your broker together with the opening order
  • Trailing Stops are triggered automatically as soon as the trade shows a profit. They are meant to avoid unnecessary exposure to the volatile markets.




One of the greatest robot in the financial market. Review by Mike
It is an amazing result for a short period of time as of today 6/2/2017 for 16% within 2 1/2 months. (Posted on 6/2/2017)
Just FabuliousReview by Frank
This is a great product that I have seen in the financial market. I highly recommend that to the serious FOREX traders. You will enjoy the great ride!!
(Posted on 5/28/2017)

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